Back Pain Best Treatment

Gentle stretches, walking, and periodically standing up at your desk can help stabilize your spine and prevent muscle imbalances. If your back pain just started, consider slacking off, just this once. Read more about on the main page here. However, other factors, like your age and activity level, could cause back pain to last for up to six weeks, he says.

Consume this drink, preferably just before bedtime to allow the anti-inflammatory process to work while you sleep. If you aren’t currently physically active, talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise program. They may suggest certain exercises that will be easier on your back. The better you take care of it, the lower your risk for developing back spasms will become.

These drugs are commonly used for arthritis and pain resulting from muscle sprains, strains, back and neck injuries, or menstrual cramps. Like any long-term health problem, the condition often leads to complications beyond your physical symptoms, such as new or worsened depression, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. Chronic pain can make it more difficult to keep up at work, manage tasks at home and attend social gatherings, leading to problems in your relationships and financial instability. Some research suggests that the more severe your pain, the more serious these problems. This type of pain typically comes on suddenly and lasts for a few days or weeks, and is considered a normal response of the body to injury or tissue damage. In some cases, your doctor might prescribe these for your low back pain.

Acupuncture may provide even more relief than painkillers, according to one 2013 review of research. In 11 studies of more than 1,100 people, this Chinese medicine staple improved symptoms of lower back pain better than simulated treatments and, in some cases, NSAIDs. The needles appear to change the way your nerves react and may reduce inflammation around joints, says Dr. DeStefano. It’s one of the first treatments you should try under the guidance of your physician and spine physical therapist. However, the same set of exercises doesn’t work for everyone, says Nava.

Seek medical advice and never exceed package dosage recommendations. Over-the-counter medications are only one type of medication commonly used to treat back pain. Back pain can be incredibly frustrating, and going under the knife may seem like the quickest, easiest fix to bring relief. But the truth is, many people don’t need surgery for lower back pain management, Dr. Park says.

Spinal laminectomy is done when a narrowing of the spinal canal causes pain, numbness, or weakness. During the procedure, the lamina or bony walls of the vertebrae are removed, along with any bone spurs, to relieve pressure on the nerves. Massage therapy increases circulation and relaxes muscles, improving range-of-motion and decreasing pain. Massage therapy also releases endorphins, which lessen pain signals in the nervous system. Neuromuscular massage is considered especially helpful for low back muscle pain.

Any of these can indicate nerve problems or other types of underlying medical conditions requiring treatment. In the case of regular back pain, try taking a lukewarm bath with several handfuls of Epsom salt. Read more about this website here. Epsom salt is easy to find and highly affordable and works through your skin to your sore muscles. In terms of back pain treatment at home, sleeping on the back is ideal.

It may be recommended if there’s significant damage to the bones in your back . There’s also some evidence that a therapy called theAlexander technique may help with long-term back pain. However, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence does not currently recommend this treatment. Another option is to alternate between hot and cold using ice packs and a hot water bottle. Hot and cold compression packs can be bought at most pharmacies. Some people find that heat helps to ease the pain when back pain first starts.

Strengthening them can also reduce the chances of pain, strain, or damage to your back. Warm compresses may also relieve pain when inflammation has subsided. As with all procedures, radiofrequency denervation carries a risk of complications, including bleeding, bruising, infection and accidental nerve damage. Discuss the risks with your surgeon before agreeing to treatment. Surgery for back pain is usually only recommended if there’s a specific medical reason for your pain, such assciatica or aslipped disc, and other treatments have not helped. Back pain can interrupt your day or interfere with your plans.

When taking an Epsom salt bath, you’ll want to make sure the water is warm. Hot water can cause muscles to swell and cold water can cause muscles to cramp. The Arthritis Foundation recommends a temperature between 92 and 100°F (33 and 38°C).

back pain best treatment

There are several types of yoga, a broad discipline that involves practicing specific postures or poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. Yoga can stretch and strengthen muscles and improve posture, although you might need to modify some poses if they aggravate your symptoms. If you have unrelenting pain associated with radiating leg pain or progressive muscle weakness caused by nerve compression, you might benefit from surgery. These procedures are usually reserved for pain related to structural problems, such as narrowing of the spine or a herniated disk, that hasn’t responded to other therapy.